21st Jan

Notice Board

River Avon - Bidford Grange

I posted in June about the access issues we were having to our parking area on the Avon at Bidford Grange and that we had asked our landlord to intervene.

Unfortunately, our landlord has shown no interest in resolving this situation. There being no viable alternative parking, regrettably we have to give up hope and let the fishery go.

It is disappointing that it has come to this and we have lost our only fishery on the Warwickshire Avon. Even more disappointing is that the problem with the landowner arose because the gate to the car park was left open - a lesson to us all on possible consequences and importance of keeping them closed.

We will be looking for another fishery on the Avon to replace this. If you hear of anything please let me or another Committee member know.

Please remove map 11 from your Club Handbook.